I am dream to be superman!

What is dream? Is it a situation that only comes when we use to sleep? Or perhaps it is the anything that comes from our unconscious mind while we die for a while?

Some might argue what is the real definition of dream. Thinking that every people has different definition, so I would like to quote from Dictionary.com , which dream is meant by a succession of images, thought,  or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

But, what I am going to write is not about the dream during sleep, but let thinks literally, what is our dream.

Among the fondest memories that I have of my primary school day is the opportunity to learn the basic things that shape my worldview up until today. Precious wisdom from teacher  is presented in cute and exciting stories that all helped to define who are we and how we choose to process life experiences as we grown older and older.

Once, I am pretty sure that when we were in primary school, our teacher used to ask. “What is your dream?”

While waiting for my turn, I observe all of my friend’s answer. All of them are very passionate and full of ambition. Majority answer is they want to be a doctor, a soldier, anything else. Being afraid of the possibility they will laugh at me, I change my answer and it turn into lies.

This answer become secret and its uncracked.

The clock turned 360 degrees again and again, as I grow ; becoming big and bigger.

Just now, when Miss Anisah ask me to mail her an article of a free topic, so I would to break the secret, telling the truth.

Now, I asked myself. What is my dream?

Okey !! saya memang tak pandai edit!

My dream is to be spiderman. Why? Because I can take care of Malaysia as I can use my spider web to chase the criminals away. Then, police will have some times to be spend with their family.

Beside that, my dream is I want to be a superman. This is because Superman can fly as fast as lightning. Not like another superheroes who don’t have this ability. With flying skill, I will fly my parents to Makkah to perform haj.  See, Its that beneficial?

I also used to dream of being a Masked Rider. It is because they have very uique uniform, and I will look gorgeous in that uniform. Masked Rider also has sharp blade that can kill monster instantly. With this powerful blade, I can kill anyone who is going to harm my beloved one.

But, Please don’t get it wrong!

This sort of answer blows my head about ten years ago. However, If I am being to be asked the same question again and again, I am going to answer.

I am going to be a useful human being, which can benefit all people around me. Because I believe , when you cheer the people, they will cheer you almost when you are in trouble.

So, what is my point here?

Once prophet Muhammad pbuh said “Whoever amongst you is able to benefit his brother, then he should hasten to benefit him.” (narrated Muslim)


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